Proposed Rebuild of Central Hudson’s G-Line North

The existing G-Line was built in the 1930’s. The purpose of the rebuild project is to replace deteriorated electric transmission infrastructure which has reached the end of its useful life in order to provide enhanced storm hardening and reliability. The rebuild will take place within the existing 150 foot wide right-of-way, and the right-of-way will not be widened. The location of the line, which is presently located 25 feet from the western boundary of the right-of-way, will be moved 25 feet in an easterly direction to be 50 feet from the western boundary to lessen risk of storm damage to the line and risk of outages.

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Power Lines Update Presentation

Gearing up for a major technical conference with the Public Service Commission (PSC) in Albany next month, the Hudson Valley Smart Energy Coalition (HVSEC) has commissioned an exhaustive study of consumer-demand vs. projected supply of all existing and new electric generation and transmission projects impacting our Mid-Hudson region. The study provides a clear-eyed analysis showing how our region’s, including New York City, peak electricity demand needs are met well into the future without the addition of new high-voltage power lines in the Hudson Valley.

The study’s findings was presented to the public on July 11, 2015 by Bard College Research Professor of Environmental Science, Dr. Gidon Eshel, Ph.D. and members of the Hudson Valley Smart Energy Coalition.