Smart Growth and Redevelopment of Pleasant Valley Town Center

This PACE University Land Use Study lays the groundwork for the eventual smart growth redevelopment and restoration of the historic Hamlet of Pleasant Valley.

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About the Report

Supervisor Mark Figliozzi commissioned this significant analysis and thanks to consistent representation at various Dutchess County meetings, where he sought to advocate for the future development of the Town of Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County officials recognized Supervisor Figliozzi’s efforts on behalf of the Town by funding this vital first step toward creating a community vision for the future. This document encompasses the socio-economic data, community characteristics, goals to create a more walkable community, future infrastructure needs, design parameters, housing evaluation, services, businesses needed and a host of additional observations and recommendations. The Town hopes to move as quickly as possible on developing the Hamlet Plan and utilizing the recommendations to obtain State grant funds to pay for implementation of the goals established in future community visioning sessions.

“We are most fortunate to have this study and I am grateful to Dutchess County in providing the funding for this professional and comprehensive study. It is most valuable in laying the foundation for planning enhancements to the Hamlet of Pleasant Valley,” Supervisor Figliozzi said.

Town Song

This song, written by former resident Carson Robison and sung by the Minstrels in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, is a tribute to Pleasant Valley. The P.V. Fire Company has adopted this as their marching song.

This song is sung to the tune of “California Here We Come”.

Pleasant Valley U.S.A … Best town west of Mandalay,
Where folks are friendly on Wappingers Creek,
They come to visit and want to stay another week.
There’s Hyde Park, Millbrook, all the rest,
They’re OK, but you can guess,
We all like our hometown best.
Pleasant Valley, U.S.A.!

Hunting Schedule

Humane Societies – Deer Search
74 Lake Walton Road
Wappinger Falls, N.Y. 12590

2018-2019 Season
Bear Archery SeasonOct 1 – Nov 16
Dec 10 – Dec 18
Bear Regular SeasonNov 17 – Dec 9
Bear Muzzleloading SeasonDec 10 – Dec 18
Whitetail Deer – ShotgunNov 17 – Dec 9
Whitetail Deer – ArcheryOct 1 – Nov 16
Dec 10 – Dec 18
Whitetail Deer – Muzzleloading (either sex)Dec 10 – Dec 18
Whitetail Deer – Westchester County (bow only)Oct 1 – Dec 31
BobcatOct 25 – Feb 15
CoyoteOct 1 – Mar 31
Squirrel (6 daily)Sep 1 – Feb 28
Rabbit (6 daily)Oct 1 – Feb 28
Raccoon, Red/Gray FoxOct 25 – Feb 15
Crow (Fri-Mon only)Sep 1 – Mar 31
Ruffed Grouse (4 daily)Oct 1 – Feb 28
Pheasant (2 daily)Oct 1 – Feb 28
Turkey (Fall)
    1 either sex
    2 bearded only, 1 a day
Oct 20 – Nov 2
May 1 – May 31
Spring Youth Turkey HuntApr 20 – Apr 21
Canada Geese (Hudson Valley)
    15 a day
    3 a day
    3 a day
Sep 1 – Sep 25
Oct 27 – Nov 11
Dec 4 – Jan 6