1830 Inn

Then, Talbot's Inn
Post Card from Dieter Friedrichsen's collection

Now (2003), Photo by Teddi

An Inn, operated by George W. Wood at the intersection of Rt. 44 and North Avenue around 1826, was the first in a series of hotels and restaurants under different names and owners at that location.

From 1826 until 1990 there were at least 16 owners and the inn was at different times known as

  • Hotel W. C. Armstrong
  • Hoctor’s Hotel
  • Maple Shade
  • Grove Hall
  • Pleasant Valley Hotel
  • Talbot’s Inn
  • 1830 Inn
  • 1830 Steak House

The building burned in 1884 and was a total loss. Because the local fire department was not equipped to fight a fire of that magnitude, a steam pump was sent from Poughkeepsie on a car of the Poughkeepsie and Eastern Railroad, which was running through Pleasant Valley since 1871, and which had a station behind the inn. By the time the pump arrived, however, the building had been totally destroyed.

Mr. W. C. Armstrong rebuilt the inn at the same location where it served locals and visitors as a hotel, restaurant and bar until 1990, after it had been again damaged by fire in 1981 and rebuilt.

In 1989 the plans for the Milestone Square Shopping Plaza were approved and the 1830 Inn was demolished in March 1990 to make room for the plaza parking lot.

The pamphlet “Remembering the 1830 Inn” by Town Historian Olive Doty is available for a nominal fee from the Pleasant Valley Historical Society for additional information.

Information provided by Dieter Friedrichsen