Methodist Church / Masonic Lodge

Then, Methodist Church
Post Card from Dieter Friedrichsen's collection

Now (2003), Photo by Teddi

This Federal Style building stood in the center of Pleasant Valley in front of the current Fire House. It was originally located on Rt. 44 east of the village near James Field’s Auto Body. Built in 1825, it was moved to its last location in 1845. This was quite a feat, considering that this move included crossing the Wappingers Creek. It was a one-story structure and the foundation was added to elevate it above the flood plain.

It should be noted that the Methodist Cemetery is still at the original location. There are about 175 stones, the oldest one dating back to 1827.

The Masons acquired the building and used it as their lodge since 1925. In July 2000 it was reported that the Pleasant Valley Fire Department would purchase it for $160,000, demolish it and use the lot for Fire House and Mill Site parking.

The Pleasant Valley Historical Society attempted to save the building, succeeded in obtaining a 6-month moratorium but was ultimately unsuccessful because the cost of moving or dismantling and storing it would have exceeded $75,000. A petition was signed by only 250 out of a total of over 8000 residents.

In accordance with the Fire Department’s plans, the building was subsequently torn down and the location is now used as a parking lot.

Information provided by Dieter Friedrichsen