The Peter Flagler House

The Peter Flagler House

Then: Post Card from Dieter Friedrichsen’s collection
Now: Photo by Teddi (2017)

This house is reported to be one of the oldest in the town. As per a deed, Peter Flagler bought 150 acres of land from Benjamin Lester of Hempstead, Queens, New York on April 2, 1771 for about $83.00. The house was most likely built soon after.

Peter Flagler was born on September 6, 1744. His headstone at the Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Pleasant Valley reads: Peter Flagler, died December 17, 1823, age 79 years, 3 months, 11 days.

In the years prior to WW II, the house, was owned by Danforth Munsell, and was assessed at $400.00 with the entire property, consisting of 7 acres. The road originally ran thru what is now the back of the house, the back of the house was made over to look like the front.

Information provided by Dieter Friedrichsen.