Traver Road School

Then, Traver Road School
Post Card from Dieter Friedrichsen's collection

Now (2004), Photo by Teddi

The first school in Pleasant Valley was built in 1830 with all grades attending. The structure was a one room school located to the northeast corner of the present school property. It was torn down in 1904.

Around 1908 a modern four room wooden building was erected. In the beginning grades 1-4 were in one room while grades 5-8 were in another room. The remaining two rooms were not used at first. In approximately 1922, the area had grown so that the four rooms were all in use.

During 1932 and 1933 the new Pleasant Valley School was built and in September 1933 the two seventh and two eighth grades traveled by bus from Arlington to Pleasant Valley. The teacher could ride on the school bus stopping along the route to pick up the students. The teacher remained with the children in the classroom all noon hour while the pupils ate their lunches which they had brought from home. There was no cafeteria. At the close of the day, the teacher could ride the bus back to Arlington, stopping to dismiss each pupil at his residence. The teacher saw where the pupils lived and met one of the parents at the bus stop sometime during the school year.

Information provided by Dorothy E. Albertson, 1963