Art Exhibit by artist Paul Molloy featured at the Town Hall

Paul Molloy Art Exhibit

Art Exhibit by Paul Molloy

The Town of Pleasant Valley is honored for the opportunity to host this Artist’s showing at our Town Hall. As a supporter of New Horizons and of Dutchess County “ThinkDIFFERENTLY”, the Town welcomes this opportunity and is working to expand its “ThinkDIFFERENTLY” Program.

– Supervisor Figliozzi

A Conversation with Paul Molloy (By David McGorry)

Paul Molloy

Paul Molloy said he always knew the style he wanted to paint even before he knew there was a name for it. “I never even knew there was a name for my painting style,” he said. “It was after I was painting awhile that I learned the style was called Abstract.”

Art by Paul MolloyAt times it has been painful for him to paint but Paul was committed to continuing and over time it became an outlet for dealing with pain. He said the more he got into painting, the more he felt painting provided relief to the pain in his hands. “When I was painting the pain flowed out through my hands and on to the canvas.”

Many of his paintings include his name embedded as a component of the work itself. It is not always immediately visible though and the viewer has to gaze at it for a minute or so before they can see where it was placed. There is no special reason except that it was even more difficult for him to sign them on the back or at the bottom and he likes his name to be visible to people viewing his work.

Art by Paul MolloyPaul doesn’t have a personal favorite from his collection. He likes them all and whatever one catches someone’s eye becomes his favorite for the moment.

Although he knows most people see him as having a disability, he doesn’t see it that way. “No matter what you are facing these days you can get through it,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if it is a disability or anything else.”

Born and raised in Hyde Park, NY, Paul currently lives in Salt Point in the Town of Pleasant Valley. He never had formal training as an artist but took private lessons from a retired art teacher in the Hudson Valley. A few years ago he was invited to participate in an art exhibit of numerous artists at the “The Egg” in Albany. His current exhibition at the Pleasant Valley Town Hall is the first solo display of his work.

See the Paintings in Person

Be sure to visit the Town Hall to see the entire exhibit.

Row of artwork