Highway Department

Highway Garage


John Baxter
Email: pvhighway@pleasantvalley-ny.gov
Phone: 845-635-3154

The Highway Department maintains and repairs roads that are dedicated to the Town of Pleasant Valley and the Hamlet of Salt Point. They are also in charge of snow removal, paving, patching, sweeping, sign installation and repair, roadside mowing, and drainage.


The Highway Department is located at 24 Sherow Road which is just outside the town center between North Avenue and Wigsten Road.

At this site we have:

  • A 150 foot by 80 foot maintenance and storage garage in which we house our trucks and equipment. In this building, we have the Highway Department’s administrative offices, our motor vehicle maintenance and repair shop and our operations center. As well as a Dutchess County Sheriff substation. This building is equipped with a diesel powered generator, which enables us to operate in all conditions.
  • An 80 foot by 40 foot shed for truck and equipment storage.
  • A 120 foot by 70 foot salt storage building in which we store our road salt and sand salt mixture.
  • A 30 foot diameter Dome for dry sand only.
  • A refueling station for our vehicles and equipment, which has above-ground steel vaulted tanks that supply the town equipment as well as the Pleasant Valley Fire Districts’ apparatus.
  • We also maintain inventories of sand, gravel, and crushed stone at this site. Drainage materials such as culvert pipe and catch basins are also kept here, enabling us to repair problems quickly.


The Town of Pleasant Valley Highway Department has 9 full-time employees that provide a full range of services on the Town’s approximately 70-mile road system, which is comprised of 140 miles of drainage, 120 separate roads (2 still unpaved), 800+ basins, and almost 50 cul-de-sacs.