Town Board

Get Involved! Residents are encouraged to participate in these important discussions that involve our town’s future.
John DelVecchio (, Supervisor
Frank Mazzella (, Councilman
Michael Rifenburgh (, Councilman
Keith O’Hanlon (, Councilman
Mary Albrecht (, Councilwoman
Meeting Schedule
Town Board Workshops: Scheduled every first Monday of the month
Town Board Meetings: Scheduled every third Monday of the month
Town Board Committees

Water – Supervisor Del Vecchio & Councilman Mazzella New Town Hall Building – Councilman O’Hanlon & Supervisor Del Vecchio Recreation – Councilwoman Albrecht & Supervisor Del Vecchio I.T. – Councilman Mazzella & Councilman Rifenburgh Highway & Road Issues – Councilman O’Hanlon & Councilman Mazzella Finance – Councilwoman Albrecht & Councilman Rifenburgh Public Safety – Councilman O’Hanlon & Supervisor Del Vecchio Infrastructure – Councilman Mazzella & Councilman Rifenburgh Grants

Meeting Participation
View Town Board Meetings on the Town Board’s YouTube Channel
Deputy Supervisor
Keith O’Hanlon
Jennifer Adams
Phone number
845-635-1111 x119
News from the Town Board
Meeting Materials