Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan forms the basis and reasoning for regulations. This plan identifies important elements of the Town’s natural and built environments, and provides policies intended to preserve the natural environment while supporting growth that is compatible with the rural qualities residents have identified as important.

The final version of the Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Town Board in December 2009.

Zoning & Zoning Map

Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS)

Lead Agency
Town of Pleasant Valley Town Board
1554 Main Street
Pleasant Valley, NY 12569
Prepared By
Clark Patterson Lee
900 Corporate Boulevard
Newburgh, NY 12550
Date Accepted
December 2, 2009

This Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) has been prepared by the Town of Pleasant Valley, with assistance from Clark Patterson Lee, to comply with the NYS Environment Quality Review Act (SEQRA). The primary intent of this Final GEIS is to respond to comments that were received at the public hearing as well as written comments that were received by the Town during the comment period. A summary of those comments and corresponding responses are provided in the section that follows. In some instances, comments were repetitive in nature. Multiple comments relating to a single issue were combined and summarized.

  1. Main Body (86KB)
  2. Appendix A: Transcribed Comments from Public Hearing (115KB)
  3. Appendix B: Summary of Proposed Changes (53KB)
  4. Appendix C: 2009 Comprehensive Plan (Proposed Revisions) (323KB)
  5. Appendix D: Zoning Regulations & Map (Revised) (2239KB)
  6. Appendix E: Subdivision Regulations (Revised) (539KB)
  7. Appendix F: Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement

In response to a request by the Town Board, the Pleasant Valley Comprehensive Plan Committee has revised the draft proposed Sign regulations. This revision was submitted to the Town on March 26th 2009, and is available here for public review. Further questions and comments should be directed to the Town Board.