About Our Government

Pleasant Valley’s council form of government was formed in 1821. The Council is composed of the Supervisor and Town Council Members who are elected at large. The officials perform the following functions:
  • Enact ordinances and resolutions relative to municipal services
  • Levy taxes
  • Establish appropriations
  • Issue debt
  • Institute other fees and regulations which aid in the maintenance of equitable treatment and quality standards within the town
Under the council form of government, the elected Supervisor acts as the chief executive officer and chief fiscal officer, responsible for budgetary accountability and budgeting coordination with line departments. Our Town Hall is located in the hamlet of Pleasant Valley. Most town offices are located at or near the Town Hall and we always look forward to meeting our residents … please stop by!

Employment Opportunities

Employment information would be found on this website when we advertise for an opening. Residents can also go to the County Website for employment information.

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