Then, Residence of Charles Butts
Post Card from Dieter Friedrichsen's collection

Now (2003), Photo by Teddi

This large 3-story Victorian structure was located near the dam and waterfall in the hamlet of Salt Point, across from what is now the Fireside Grill.

It was actually the second house on this site. The first one dated back to 1807, was owned by John V. Lamoree and included a mill and the mill pond. He died in 1881, and his wife Ann and his daughter Mary Butts built a new house in 1890. An addition is said to have been partially constructed from circus train cars. Mary and Charles Butts lived there for about 30 years. There were several other owners until 1951, when Mildred Cook bought it and operated a hotel and bar, known at the time as “Millie’s”.

It had been empty since 1989, when on February 20, 2000 at 5:25AM a fire broke out, completely destroying the entire building. The spectacular fire, attributed to faulty wall switches, was fought by over 60 firemen from several adjoining towns.

Information provided by Dieter Friedrichsen