Complaint Form to Submit Property Grievances

Complaints to the Building, Zoning, Planning and Fire Departments will now be accepted through the official Complaint Form. Phone complaints will no longer be taken.

To submit a complaint, download and complete the form and either email it, or mail it to:

Zoning Department
1554 Main Street
Pleasant Valley, NY 12569

Fishing and Hunting Licenses

Fishing and Hunting Licenses are sold in the Town Clerk’s Office. The Hunting Schedule is also available at the office or online.

The Marine Registry (for fishing in marine and coastal areas) requires no charge for New York State Residents or Non-Residents. Pleas visit the NYS DEC Website for more information.

Fees for Fishing Licenses

New York State Residents
16-69 $25.00
70 + $5.00
7 day $12.00
1 day $5.00
Non Residents
16 + $50.00
7 day $28.00
1 day $10.00